My Son't Homework (2018/10/25)

My son's homework is over the top! He has about 2 hours a night, and he's only in fourth grade! He is in an advanced class, which he was selected for because he scored relatively high on a standardized test, but he doesn't yet have the skills needed to succeed in the class.

The class has 27 students and one teacher. There is another classroom in the same program with an equivalent number of students. I calculated that his teacher has approximately 10 minutes per day to work with each student individually, if they did nothing else but that all day long. So obviously they can't be hovering over him trying to keep him on task. As a result, he brings home all his classwork unfinished and it becomes homework.

The teachers don't consider unfinished classwork homework, so they claim that the homework load is not that high (they say approximately one hour per night). But at a recent meeting of the parents and the teachers (a meeting which came to pass not because of the homework load but because of an assignment that was inappropriate for the age group), all the discussion was about the homework load.

From my perspective, the homework load is continuous. That is, there is never a time when all the homework is done; so there is always homework to do. This actually makes the homework situation a bit easier to deal with: the answer to the question "do you have homework?" is always "yes".

Now, I'm pretty much OK with teaching advanced 4th graders that to succeed academically, they need to do homework (and prioritize their time, and stay on task, etc).

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