Splines.io The Game (2018/9/14)

Welcome to Splines.io - the Game!

Splines.io is a fun new multiplayer online video game where you steer your line to try to get other players to run into your tail, while also trying to avoid running into other players' tails. You can cross over your own tail, but you can't cross over anyone else's tail or your line will die. You can use the space bar to dash. As your score increases, your scale increases and you will be able to see more of the playing field. You can also increase your scale by running over the blue powerup that looks like a plus sign. If you run over the green powerup that looks like a times sign, you will score double points for the next 30 seconds. You can see how much time you have remaining on your powerups in the scoreboard in the upper left of the screen. The leaderboard is shown in the upper right of the screen, and a small radar of the entire playing field is shown in the lower right.

Splines.io is similar to slither.io, wormate.io, powerline.io, and paper.io, so if you enjoy playing those games, you should try splines.io!

Do you have a suggestion about how we could improve the game? Connect with us on our Facebook Page or check out our Twitter Page. We're just getting started, so if see a problem with the game or want to suggest an improvement, let us know!

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